Viral Marketing Initiatives

Kmart needed to get the attention of discount shoppers and they did it with humor. The “Ship My Pants” and “Big Gas Savings” campaigns both went viral. The viral marketing content does support the business objective because it is a discount department store and allows product shipping to another store or the customer’s home. I think both of these created brand awareness and made people seek out the videos as well as possibly consider a stop to the nearest Kmart. Since the videos we funny, the content was shared by many and viewed by millions. Not only did Kmart produce two ads that went viral in a short amount of time, they also created a third, “Show Your Joe.” Although it revived the brand and created a splash, Kmart is still struggling to compete with the likes of Target and Walmart.

Viral marketing can become a successful tactic when it works. In a time of instant gratification and faster internet, a company has less time to be memorable and effective. Marketers need to create unique plans to stand out from all the noise and coloring outside the lines becomes the standard. The most important ingredient is to evoke an emotion from the viewer. A positive one is best such as laughter, happiness, etc. This will make them want to share it with others. If it made them laugh, they want to make others laugh.